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Though claims for "all natural" products are being more closely scrutinized now than in the past,
for the most part, the word "natural" used in the skincare industry does not necessarily accurately
describe actual product content. In fact, according to an article by Carol Lewis on the FDA
website, the "FDA has tried to establish official definitions for the use of certain terms such as
'natural' and 'hypoallergenic,' but its regulations were overturned in court. So companies can use
them on cosmetic labels to mean anything or nothing at all." Even though this article was written
in 1998 and the definition of "natural" according to the FDA, cosmetic companies and the
consumer can still differ quite radically.

The "natural versus synthetic" ingredient debate has strong advocates with passionate views on
both sides of the issue. Several organizations have been formed to research and educate about
natural and/or synthetic materials used in skincare/cosmetic products. Click here to learn more
about these organizations and their varying positions on this often controversial topic.

Sarah-Noelle is committed to creating products with natural and naturally-derived
ingredients because we believe they offer better nourishment for promoting healthier
The skin is the body's largest organ and, while the nutrients and vitamins we ingest have an
effect on our entire body, our skin has the unique capability to absorb nutrients "from the outside
in." The ingredients we choose for Sarah-Noelle products are known for their ability to improve
your skin's overall condition--not just how it looks, but how healthy it is, too.

In other words, we formulate results-focused products with natural ingredients because
they simply work! Healthier skin is more beautiful skin... and we think you'll agree!

Please note: Sarah-Noelle uses high-quality, natural ingredients from trusted suppliers. However, just because
something is natural does not mean that it is safe for everyone.
Please carefully read the ingredient listing for each
product (on this site as well as on product labels) because although they are natural, they may negatively affect you due
to allergies and we would rather you stay healthy!

"To me a lush
carpet of pine
needles or spongy
grass is more
welcome than the
most luxurious
Persian rug."

~Helen Keller