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L is a Princess, the daughter
of the King of kings.

"I have spent most of my
career working in the bridal
industry in retail sales and
marketing. I love doing things
that will make someone else's
life a little better."
L. Walls
Sales & Marketing
Ginny and her husband are parents of a
precious little boy with a traumatic
brain injury.

"I don't like a lot of questionable
chemicals seeping into my body or
anyone else's. I cherish my time to
myself and like to spend it feeling
pampered and luxurious--so that I am
refreshed and ready to meet the next
Photo by Blue Frame Photography
Ginny Moorefield
Quality Assurance
Joni Horn, Owner/Research & Development
"In addition to being the founder of Sarah-Noelle, I am... a sinner saved by grace who serves a
loving God, a wife who adores her husband, and a daughter/sister/aunt/friend/etc. who very much
cherishes time spent with those people who are incredibly special to me.
Are you wondering, "If the company owner isn't Sarah-Noelle, then who is?" Click here to meet Sarah!
Since I have begun making skin care products, I have learned so much! In addition to all the
wonderful ways to use natural ingredients, I have also learned that I cannot do everything all by
myself. I purposefully included 'Research & Development' by my name because that is how I prefer
to spend most of my time... but, as a company owner, I also have other (more mundane!)
responsibilities. To that end, I am very grateful to my family and friends who continue to help make
Sarah-Noelle a success. I am particularly indebted to L and Ginny for the hard work and talents
they dedicate to moving Sarah-Noelle forward so we can continue to offer quality, all natural skin
care to everyone."