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I'm not sure where or how it starts, but in our culture--and, particularly as females--we somehow
learn that our self-worth is determined (or, at least greatly affected) by our physical appearance.
Not only that, but we often place a much higher value on what
others think is attractive rather
than our own perceptions of beauty.

When I realized that my hobby of making all natural skin care products was going to become a
business, I felt conflicted about being part of an industry that seems to perpetuate this negative
attitude. As someone who has struggled with this harmful mindset herself, the last thing I wanted
to do was to enable others to fall into the same trap.

This is why every Sarah-Noelle business card and the front page of this site include this statement:
"While perfect skin and physical beauty are
not ultimate goals, there is a sense of contentment in
knowing you look your best—especially when you understand that your external appearance is
merely a prelude to the authentic, spiritual artistry that is within you."

Remember that there is more to beauty than physical appearance. At the same time, when you
take care of yourself and do things to keep yourself healthy, a natural by-product is looking and
feeling your best! I don't know about you, but when this is my priorty, I feel more confident about
myself--about my appearance--which leaves me free to focus on the more important things in life.

So, what artistic and creative talents are inside you waiting to be shared? What skills has God
given you that can be used to make life more delightful--for yourself and for others? What kind,
generous, caring thoughts, words or deeds are waiting to be expressed? This is where your true
beauty shines--don't let someone else determine it for you!
"The Lord does not
look at the things
man looks at.
Man looks at the
outward appearance,
but the Lord looks
at the heart."
~ 1 Samuel 16:7