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Prayers for John

On Christmas Day, 2009, Wayne and
Ginny Moorefield and their 3-year-old
son, John, were in an auto accident
during which John suffered a traumatic
brain injury. Follow his recovery
progress and offer encouragement via
this site.
Photo by Wade Alexander Photography
Cary Christian Church
God's Truth Transforming Lives

Be yourself ... Dress casually or dress up ...
Learn the Bible ... Grow spiritually ... Make
a difference globally and locally by serving
others ... Ask tough questions and receive
honest answers ... Meet new friends ... Build
authentic relationships ... Worship together
A few of our favorite things...
Loopy Creations
Unique crocheted
creations by Ginny
Moorefield that are
"off the hook!"
Whimsical hats and
scarves, fun beaded
socks, pillows & more!
Buckhead Church
Our Mission ... to lead people into a
growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
Our Strategy ... to create environments
where people are encouraged and
equipped to pursue intimacy with God,
community with insiders, and influence
with outsiders.