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Making a name for myself...

Or, rather, borrowing my niece's name!

When I am sharing Sarah-Noelle products with others, I am often asked, "Are
you Sarah?" No, I am Sarah's aunt... and then I explain:

My oldest niece, Sarah, has beautiful red hair and very fair, delicate skin. Since
she was a toddler, she has suffered from varying degrees of inflamed, red, itchy,
and sometimes painful patches of skin. Through my research about skincare
made with all natural ingredients, I now better understand their amazing
benefits and how, in many ways, they provide an added level of healthful
nutrition for your skin. I know what a tremendous advantage products made
with these nourishing ingredients can lend to the management of symptoms
from various skin conditions--ones similar to Sarah's as well as others.

When it became apparent that my hobby was becoming something more, I
struggled to find a company name that meant something to me... until I thought
about Sarah. So, with her (and her parents') permission, I combined both her
first and middle names and christened my business venture "Sarah-Noelle."

Sarah has helped test products--both in general and as they relate to treating
specific skin problems. Her feedback has been very helpful as I continue to
develop products designed to address challenging skin issues. (By the way,
Sarah definitely recommends using da Balm!.)

As mentioned, Sarah is my oldest niece. I would be remiss if I did not also
mention her siblings: Bryan, Carly and Aimee. They are all generous, loving and
fun little people and I
love being their aunt!

Y Joni
Sarah Noelle
(Because Sarah is under 18, her parents prefer
that an actual photo not be posted at this time.)